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Obama’s Got Another Psycho-Lying-Leftist Pastor!

By / 1 April  2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.01.00 AMPresident  Obama attended an Easter service with his family today at St. John’s Episcopal  Church near the White House, and the Pastor delivering the sermon at the service  veered into political territory when he slammed the religious right for living  in the past and lionizing “the good old days.”

As the first family trekked across Lafayette Square to the church, Mr. Obama  offered a “Happy Easter, everybody” to the press and onlookers assembled.

The sermon at the service, delivered by Dr. Luis Leon, an Episcopal pastor  who delivered the benediction at Mr. Obama’s second inauguration, took a turn  for the political when the pastor decried those who wax nostalgic about the way  things once were.

“I hear all the time the expression ‘the good old days’,” Leon said. “Well,  the good old days, we forget they have been good for some, but they weren’t good  for everybody.

“You can’t go back, you can’t live in the past,” he added. “It drives me  crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling people  back…for Blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the  kitchen, for gays to be in the closet and for immigrants to be on their side of  the border.”


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Why Men Avoid Church Like Lindsay Shuns Sobriety

By / 28 February  2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 12.11.32 PMHave you ever asked yourself, “Self … why do churches  today look more like the lingerie department at Wal-Mart, than a battalion of  men poised to plunder the powers of darkness?”  Why do men avoid going to  church, and what can be done about it?

FOLLOW DOUG ON FACEBOOK. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!Certainly, the lack of men in church is not at all difficult to see.   Just open your eyes any Sunday morning and go to church.  Then, count the  number of ladies in the pews, and the number of men.  The result: you’re  slapped in the face with the Jose Cuervo-like reality that men are avoiding  church.

More and more, we are seeing fewer and fewer mature and responsible,  evil-challenging tripods who love leadership, the struggle and aren’t afraid to  boldly face an increasingly godless environment with conviction, power and the  love of God.

So why do most men avoid church?  Here’s the veneer stripped-away  answer: going to church for the majority of men is an exercise in unwanted  effeminacy.  Church, for most men, has not only become irrelevant; it has  also become effeminate.  Hanging out in church for most extra-Y chromosomes  seems unmanly and most men more than anything want to be masculine.

The current lack of strong men within the Church, both in the numeric and  leadership sense, has crippled our cathedrals and has helped devastate our  nation ethically.  The masculine spirit being absent from the pulpit, the  pew and subsequently the public square has not only slowed down the forward  progress of the Church, it has also weakened our nation’s morality, increased  our country’s secularity, and has assisted [owing to our absence] the lascivious  Left’s re-definition of life, sex, marriage and law.

So how do we regain the masculine spirit in our houses of worship?  How  do we gird the Church to press on with that which is holy, just and good?   How can we Christians fight the good fight honorably, for freedom, family and  the flag?  Here are a few things the Church can do:

· Put an end to preaching by cheesy, whiny, quiche eating, preening  Nancy Boys … right now!  It freaks us meat eaters out.   Get it?  Hire a pastor who throws off a good John Wayne vibe instead of  that Boy George feeling.  Know what I mean?  And cheer on “Pastor  Wayne” to serve up the solid meat of the scripture … the stuff that prods the  congregation to biblical maturity rather than prolonging their infancy.

· Ditto regarding the worship/music leader.  And make sure your new  testosterone laden songmeister is outfitted with weighty  worship music instead of the saccharine-laced slush we have had to  sing ad nauseam et infinitumfor the last, oh, 100 years.   That’s a pretty simple can-do ? Don’t you think?

· Enough with the Precious Moments prints and figurines — okay?   How about decking out the sanctuary with serious transcendent art work that  stops us in our tracks, rather than ubiquitous prints of fat baby angels who  look like they’ve got a good buzz going from too much Mountain Dew and  children’s aspirin?

· Lose the Church’s “I’m in therapy for ever” feel.  Yes, yes,  we’re all a work in progress but the co-dependant, extended womb the Church has  wrongfully created has allowed congregants to not get a life because of some  difficult doo-doo in their lives.  Sure life’s hard, little Sally, and the  sooner, we celebrate the struggle the quicker we will draw men back to our  houses of worship.

If the Church wants to recover its losses, we’ve got to draw the knuckle  draggers back to church.  Masculine men are pretty easy.  Toss in  reason, competition, initiation, struggle, fun and a problem to spiritually  throttle, and we?ll be there like stink on a monkey.  Blow off, suppress,  and spiritually emasculate the environment of these holy testicular necessities  and your church, as far as men go, will be more empty than an Oktoberfest in  Hialeah.

My point is this: if concerned conservative Christians want to improve our  nation biblically, then the Church has got to eliminate its effeminate drift and  re-establish a masculine bent.  Our times demand strong men: the Church  must produce them, not repel them.  The Church needs men, who start a  ministry, start a business; get involved in politics, the arts and education,  and who are not afraid of the secular thugs and pimps who try to keep Christians  marginalized in a religious ghetto.

One last word for the young Christian man: Do you want to grow up quickly?  Then leave mommy’s familiar, safe haven and venture out into the danger  zone.  As Leon Podles said, “Go find your Holy Grail; go meet the strange,  meet the unfamiliar.”  Protect people; lead people; rescue people.   Fight inequities and absurdities.

Beware, young man, of parents and pastors who want to mother you.  Avoid  the secure; Fear over-protection; and happily accept the masculine task of the  patriarch, the prophet, the warrior and wild man.

Get to a place, young warrior, where pain is not a big deal, where you  embrace resistance.  And by your example, you will encourage others to  resist self-doubt, squeamishness, indecision and the impulse to surrender and  withdraw into the warm, wet womb of Wussville.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

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Diminishing Rights of Egyptian Christians


Posted: 23 Jan 2013 07:56 AM PST


There are two crimes on the books in Egypt that are increasing in application –  “insulting the President” and “conversion to Christianity”.

Since insulting the king became a crime in 1909, few people have been charged. King Farouk applied the law on seven different occasions over sixteen years. During thirty years of rule, Hosny Mubarak applied the law a total of four times.

Though Mohammed Morsi has ruled for only 200 days, he has already invoked the law in at least 24 cases according to reports from the Arabic Network for Human Rights.  While 24 cases may not seem a large number, it equals the number of times the law was invoked over the previous 100 years.

In one of the more publicized cases of committing the crime of converting to Christianity, Nadia Mohamed Ali who was a Coptic Christian, converted to Islam when she married a Muslim. After his death she sought to return to Christianity. She has received a 15-year prison sentence for her actions.

This is one example of the style of leadership Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are using in their rule of Egypt. Those who believe the Brotherhood can be won over to a democratic form of government are misguided. The Muslim Brotherhood uses democracy only for the purpose of becoming elected to office. Once in office, they exert tight control over the people.

U.S. State Department spokesperson Ariel Vaagen said the Obama administration is concerned about the rights of Christians in Egypt,

“We are following reports of a number of Egyptians sentenced to imprisonment for forging identity documents to alter their religious identity from Muslim to Christian. We are deeply concerned with Egyptian laws that infringe on an individual’s universal right to choose his or her religion and call upon the Egyptian government to promote and protect universal freedoms, including freedom of religion, for all its citizens.”


Many people mistake statements for action, while all too often statements are nothing more than political pacifiers. For their part, Egyptian Christians are skeptical of US actions. This past summer when Hillary Clinton went to Egypt, a number of Christian leaders refused to meet with her, saying the US is harboring bias on the  side of the Muslim Brotherhood and has failed to support them in their quest for civil liberties.

It is not difficult to understand the skepticism of Egyptian Christians when the US is sending sixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks to the Egyptian government. Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said,

“It is appalling that the Obama administration would send F-16s and 200 military tanks to Egypt in the wake of the instability, [and the] anti-American and anti-Israel atmosphere.”

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Crisis of Courage: Christian Conviction or Religious Addiction?

Crisis of Courage: Christian Conviction or Religious Addiction? :: Jan Morgan Media.

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Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians


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The Insane Stream Media Hates Gracious Christianity and  Loves Violent Islam

By / 23 September  2012 / 4  Comments

Man, don’t cha love how the Insane Stream Media and  their soft-brain disciples make Christians out to be fish-stickered, bug-eyed  equals to incensed Islam? If you were to accept what the White House, some  atheists and prattling gay activists say about Christians as true, you’d think  the Church is chomping at the bit to chop off some heads of unbelievers, glory  to Gawd!

Yep, if you were to believe the barf belched out by the BS brokers on the  ludicrous Left, you’d stagger away stupid with the belief that there is little  disparity between conservative Christians and militant Muslims.

As a matter of fact, you probably would be bamboozled into believing that  Islam is a peaceful, Little House on the Prairie religion being temporarily  hijacked by Jihadist renegades, and Christianity … Christianity is the real  vicious, charity-vacant cult that’s vying for the opportunity to seize the whip  and whip us good.

Yes, the Insane Stream Media’s reality stylists are working their butts off  trying to convince us TV-addled cattle of two primary things: 1) Violent jihad  is not based on the Koran, and 2) All conservative Christians are theocrats  ready to burn Elton John at the stake, stone Snooki in a nearby gravel pit and  governmentally ramrod Christianity down everyone’s pie hole. Read the rest of this entry »

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