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Food Stamp Recipients Sending Food Abroad

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Not only can the Agriculture Department boast that food stamps feed more than  47 million people in America annually, it turns out taxpayers are also  inadvertently feeding ineligible people abroad.

The New York Post reports that New Yorkers are using their Electronic Benefit  Transfer (EBT) cards — a vehicle for government benefits like food stamps and  cash assistance — to purchase groceries, package them in large barrels and ship  them to relatives overseas in places like Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican  Republic.

The Post reports that in the more Caribbean-heavy areas of the city,  supermarkets offer hundreds of 45- to 55-gallon barrels for shipping.

Patrons pay roughly $40 in cash for the barrels and fill them with $500 to  $2,000 worth of items like rice, beans, pasta, canned milk, and sausages, the  Post reported, noting that the goods are less expensive and better quality than  those available abroad.

For about $70 a shipping company will pick up the barrels and ship them to  the Caribbean in about three weeks, according to the Post.

As an Agriculture Department spokeswoman told the paper, shipping food  purchased with federally funded nutrition benefits is not an acceptable use of  the benefits, which are meant to feed eligible people in America, and that state  governments should be doing more to stop the practice.

The practice is relatively commonplace, according to the Post. But not  everybody shipping food abroad is using welfare dollars to do so.

“Everybody does it,” a supermarket worker in Prospect Lefferts Gardens,  Brooklyn told the Post. “They pay for it any way they can. A lot of people pay  with EBT.”

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Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Repeal the BILL OF RIGHTS!

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The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2013 Edition)

) Talk radio host Rusty Humprhies.

2) Joe the Plumber from Joe For America.

3) Mark Block, who served as chief of staff for Herman Cain’s 2012  presidential campaign.

4) Radio host Tony Whitnack from Afternoon Drive w/ Tony Whitnack.

5) Cyrus Massoumi from Mr. Conservative.

6) William Jacobson from Legal  Insurrection.

The judges voted on a large selection of contestants. The judges voted on  over 40 contestants. After dropping the low score for each woman, the highest  remaining scores made the list.

Do keep in mind that this list only covers active women in the new media.  That means no Fox News contributors, no congressional aides, and no think  tankers — unless they have a new media presence as well.

Here are the women that made the final cut.

17) Sarah Durand from The  Louisville Tea Party.

Sarah Durand 1

Sarah Durand 2

17) Scottie Hughes from The Tea Party News Network.

Scottie Hughes 1

Scottie Hughes 2

17) Michelle  Malkin

Michelle Malkin 1

Michelle Malkin 2

17) Rachel  Marsden

Rachel Marsden 1

Rachel Marsden 2

17) Jodi  Miller from Newsbusted.

Jodi Miller 1

Jodi Miller 2

14) Helen  Smith

Helen Smith 1

Helen Smith 2

14) Ashley Herzog

Ashley Herzog 1

Ashley Herzog 2

14) Anne Marie Murrell from Politichicks

Anne-Marie Murrell 2

Ann-Marie Murrell 1

13) Mary Katharine Ham-Brewer from Hot Air.

Mary Katharine 1

Mary Katharine Ham 2

11) April  Gregory (Podcasting)

April Gregory 1

April Gregory 2

11) Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin 1

Sarah Palin 2

10) Bettina  Inclan

Bettina Inclan 1

Bettina Inclan 2

8) Lila Rose from Live  Action.

Lila Rose 1

Lila Rose 2

8) Monica Crowley from Monica Memo.

Monica Crowley 1

Monica Crowley 2

7) Katie  Kieffer.

Katie Kieffer 1

Katie Kieffer 2

6) S.E.  Cupp from The Blaze

S.E. Cupp 1

S.E. Cupp 2

4) Jedediah  Bila.

Jedediah Bila 1

Jedediah Bila 2

4) Dana  Loesch from Redstate.

Dana Loesch 1

Dana Loesch 2

3) Katie Pavlich from Townhall.

Katie Pavlich 1

Katie Pavlich 2

1) Kayleigh  McEnany from The Blaze.

Kayleigh Mcenany 2

Kayleigh McEnany

1) Dana  Perino

Dana Perino 2

Dana Perino1

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