BREAKING WHISTLE BLOWER, asked to BREAK FEDERAL LAW Government’s Racist Hiring Whites and Targeting of Conservatives and Pregnant Women ONDRAY HARRIS Former Director of Public Relations for the Department Of Justice RESIGNED, after he was told to Discriminate and not hire any Whites or people that swayed to the Center or Conservative thinking. And above all to discriminate against Women that are pregnant! The behavior described in the resignation letter of former executive director Ondray Harris is another example of the broader hostility toward conservatives and Whites found throughout federal agencies such as the IRS, EPA and Justice Department. Ondray Harris, an attorney, resigned as executive director of PERB on May 24, 2013. His resignation letter contains accounts of disturbing, racist and illegal behavior by board members Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman. Among the behavior: Harris, an African-American, was criticized by board member Don Wasserman for hiring white men to work for PERB. From the letter: “Mr. Wasserman rebuked me with regard to my hiring white male employees. What is more, Mr. Wasserman demanded that I ‘refrain from hiring white men in the future’ to fill open Attorney-Advisor positions supporting PERB.” Government targeting of conservatives is not confined to a couple of federal departments, as demonstrated by the events in a small District of Columbia employee relations board. A letter obtained by PJ Media documents open racism and hostility toward pregnant and conservative employees in the D.C. Public Employee Relations Board (PERB). The letter also demonstrates that lawless hostility toward conservatives is a characteristic of all levels of government. BOTTOM LINE= Harris, is a Patriot and a Follower of the US CONSTITUTION, I Applaud him! DO YOU??? Andrew Guzaldo

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