Our Founders and Fox News


By / 23 April  2013 /

609px-James_Madison_Bill_of_Rights_$5_commemorative_obverseThe  Constitution of the United States protects the freedom of the press. The  Founding Fathers considered a free press essential to the protection of our  Representative Republic – it’s freedom, values, prosperity, etc.

They expected a fair and balanced media to analyze, investigate and report on  all sides of important issues. They expected the media to educate the public –  so they could be informed voters and advocates. Obviously, they could never have  imagined the extensive media we have today – much less its Leftist/Socialist  leanings.

Only Fox News is providing fair and balanced news coverage and commentary.  The other broadcast and cable networks lean significantly to the left of center  – so much so that they consider Fox a right-wing network.  That’s not fair  – in fact it’s dishonest.

If one examines the news reported – the news omitted – and the spin of their  reporters and commentators, the bias of the various networks becomes abundantly  clear. Only Fox News makes a gallant effort to report both sides of issues and  events.  Even most of its commentators attempt to expose both  sides.

Frankly, those perpetually tuned to National Public Radio, MSNBC, NBC, ABC,  CBS and CNN are not getting the straight scoop on both sides of the public  debate. If you’re a leftist and want reinforcement rather than facts, these  organizations will confirm your perspective – as distorted as it may be.

On the other hand, if you have an open mind and view things with the  perspective that your current beliefs could be in error, Fox News may be your  better source for reliable information – fair and balanced.  Their  philosophy is: “We report – you decide.”

Image: James Madison Bill of Rights $5 commemorative gold coin; author:  United States Mint image; public domain

Read more:  http://clashdaily.com/2013/04/our-founders-and-foxnews/#ixzz2RNsAToQL

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