For Some Americans, Poverty Is Better Than Winning The Lottery

If the average American family won a one million dollar state lottery prize, they would receive—after the government confiscated the obligatory taxes— an estimated $25,000 in annual prize money every year for 26 consecutive years. Today, a family with a household income of $23,000 consisting of a father, mother, and two children, live in America at or below the U.S. poverty threshold, and qualify for State and Federal assistance. That assistance can total $25,000-$50,000 per year and unlike the lottery pay-off, entitlements may never end.

I am a benevolent person. Yet I have to take pause to consider the necessity of such obscene amounts of government assistance. Contrary to popular liberal opinions, no one in America dies from lack of access to food. Starvation is not an epidemic problem in the United States. America’s most vulnerable families— specifically those with minor children and elderly dependents—are not writhing in pain from malnourishment. I would go as far to say that more people die annually from energy drink overdoses rather than from starvation in America. Our first Lady, Michelle Obama might even back me up, considering she believes we are all too fat and need to go on a diet.

So how does a nation with 1 in 7 Americans living in relative poverty and 50 million living on food stamps get so fat? How do the working poor in America manage to pay for luxury cars, SUVs, ornate dental work and vacation cruises while so many American middle class families earning above 200% of government poverty thresholds are cutting back on necessary expenditures like food and doctor’s visits?

It is worth exploring.

President Obama wants taxpayers to believe that the U.S. working poor are struggling to exist on $7.25 per hour wages, cannot put food on their tables, and are one paycheck away from living on the street, but nothing could be further from the truth. As always, President Obama’s numbers simply do not add up.

Based on data from various agencies from the State of Texas, a working poor family of four making $23,000 per year receives: $789 per month ($9468 annually) in food stamps, both children get free school breakfast and lunch ($585 annually), free child and adult healthcare (national average $15,000 per year) and a variety of other additional government entitlement benefits. Things like: subsidized housing, utility bill assistance, subsidized or free daycare, free phone/cable/internet service, free school supplies, free college tuition grants, and of course obscene income tax refund checks that dwarf their annual social security and Medicare withholdings.

If we add the yearly dollar total for food stamps allowances, free school meals and free health care provide by the taxpayer to the annual income of Americas so called “working poor” families their real annual incomes rise from $23,000 to $48,053 ($23K income + $25,053 in known established benefits). Would it surprise you to know that $48,053 is an income greater than the federal poverty threshold for a family of eight people? Yet the entitlements never stop. No fiscal brakes are ever engaged on this obscene and immoral waste of American income to service Democrat constituents.

To earn an income of $23,000 per year at a rate of $7.25 per hour (current minimum wage) a family’s income earner (father, mother, or both) would have to work a combined 6344 hours per year or 122 hours per week every week for a year. That is to say, dad would have to work over 17 hours a day, 7 days per week, or mom and dad would have to work 8.5 hours each 7 days per week. The scenario I just described, the one Obama ignorantly relays to his low information drones, requires—to say, the least—a very vivid imagination.

Under Obama, Reid and Pelosi single, healthy, employable Americans with no dependents now qualify for monthly food stamp allowances. Illegal aliens now qualify for food stamp allowances and taxpayer funded healthcare. Yet a middle class American family working and earning an income over 200% of poverty level ($46,000 for a family of four) does not qualify for food stamps, free school lunches, and free healthcare. They only qualify for a share of our growing national debt.

Our government expects our military combat veterans to kick in for their healthcare coverage and prescription costs, yet they find the money to pay for the healthcare needs of the working poor and illegal alien families who do not intend to pay for so much as an aspirin or a Band-Aid. Families that are syphoning off tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, while hard working American families are kneecapped by ongoing government theft of income.

Today our government, both Democrats and Republicans are fighting for votes, not principles. Americas working poor are doing far better economically than most middle class families who manage to pay income taxes redistributed to the working poor through immoral government entitlement programs. There is no such thing as “working poor” in America. It is just another Obama myth. The numbers do not lie.

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