Here is my study and proudly did with my time and nobodies dime!

Where shall we get the money to pay our debts….

Lets look at the following list of departments, NONE of which are authorized by the Constitution as a function of government:

The Department of Labor, which does no actual labor, has spent $102,157,000,000 this fiscal year; as of June 2011 The Dept of Education, which educates nobody: 46,058,000,000 The Dept of Energy, which produces no energy:  25,766,000,000 The Dept of Housing & Urban Development; which build our fine urban slums: 46,149,000,000 The Dept of Justice, which produces no justice: 23,084,000,000 The Dept of the Interior, which does…? What?: 9,862,000,000 The Dept of Transportation, which subsidizes Amtrack: 54,766,000,000 The International Assistance Program, which apparently mostly assists warlords and terrorists: 15,876,000,000 NASA, which seems to be pretty much out of a job now: 13,034,000,000 The National Science Foundation, which doesn’t seem to produce any actual science: 5,037,000,000

Let’s see….

102,157,000,000   46,058,000,000   25,766,000,000   46,149,000,000   23,084,000,000     9,862,000,000   54,766,000,000   15,876,000,000   13,034,000,000    5,037,000,000 ============ 341,789,000,000

There ya go! Problem Solved! I just wish I had the numbers on all of the golden parachute, and early retirement benefits provided by U.S. slaves!

Washington has a spending problem. Tax cuts don’t increase deficits anymore than tax increases decrease deficits. Deficits are decreased by spending less. I wonder how many of the folks who quote this nonsense have ever budgeted their own money. If they find they are spending more than they take in, do they demand raise from their boss?

No President of the United States can create either a budget deficit or a budget surplus. *All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives* and all taxes are voted into law by Congress. This means Bill Clinton did not balance the budget, the Republicans did.

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