Dixie Republican Forum Newsletter​, January 2013

Official Newsletter of the DixieRepublican Forum
January 2013
Chairwoman’s Message
The Battle to Save Our Republic
By Mary Burkett, DRFChairwoman
“If not in the interests of the state, do not act. If you cannot succeed, do not use troops. If you are not in danger, do not fight.”
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Republicans and the Republic are in danger. Is it in the interest of the state to act? Are troops literally needed to save the Republic? Are we in danger? I will let you each answer those questions for yourselves but for me, we must act. WE the People are the only troops needed and, yes, we are all in danger. But what does that mean? May I suggest that we be careful with how we communicate with others, how we express our willingness to “fight” for what we believe. At this point, our battlefield is not literal. But it is just as real! We must express our opinion, be actively involved in helping conservative candidates get elected and stay informed!
Do it carefully but fearlessly!
Is there one particular issue you care most deeply about? What research have you done on that issue? Have you educated others? Have you contacted your elected officials about that issue? Are you an expert on that issue? How do we become part of the Army defending the Republic? 1. Become an expert on the issues you care most about, 2. Speak up, 3. Communicate clearly and rationally, 4. Be fearless.
Dixie Republican Forum members have a unique opportunity to lead this country back to its constitutional roots. We must do the right things in the right way.
Calendar of Events
January 2013
15  DRF Luncheon, 11:30 am, “Self Defense & Concealed Carry,” Richard & Donna Hunter
7    DRF Executive Committee meeting, 7 pm
19  DRF Luncheon, 11:30 am, invited guest is Utah GOP Chairman, Thomas Wright
7    DRF Executive Committee meeting, 7 pm
19  DRF Luncheon, 11:30 am
If you have ideas for DRF activities for 2013, please email us at dixierepublicanforum@yahoo.com.
Time to Renew Your DRF Membership
With the new year, it’s time to renew our memberships.  Dues are $25 for a single membership and $30 for a couple.  Dues include membership in the Utah Republican Assembly and the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, plus voting rights in our elections and endorsing conventions.  Best of all, our Socials and Christmas Party are for members only!
Dues can be paid at the January luncheon or mailed to our treasurer, Ken Nagel, at 1547 W. Songbird Drive, St. George, UT 84790.  Please make checks payable to “DRF” or “Dixie Republican Forum.”
Hillsdale College Free Online Courses
In 2012 the DRF made a major effort to share the Hillsdale College lectures on the history and meaning of the U.S. Constitution with our members and the public.  We hosted viewings of Constitution 101 and Constitution 201, totaling 20 lectures.
For 2013, the DRF encourages everyone to view those lectures and the new series released in the last couple months:  History 101, covering the history of Western civilization from Genesis to John Locke.
You can sign up for access to the free lectures at hillsdale.edu.
The United (Police) States of America
By Larry Meyers, Newsletter Editor
Originally published in The Independent, January 2013
Not to be alarmist, but with the New Year upon us, we, as Americans, need to think deeply about what kind of society we want to live in:  a free community or a police state?  The tragic events of the past year, including mass murders, attempted terrorist attacks, and natural disasters have conditioned us for the imposition of more security at the cost of liberty.
          What is a police state?  A general definition of a police state is where citizens are not free to do as they wish so long as they do not harm others, but instead must obtain permission from the government for most activities, such as work, travel, speech, or gathering for social, political, or religious purposes.  An extreme form of the police state is martial law, with curfews, travel restrictions, and armed officers stopping people in the streets.
          Some say that a police state cannot happen in the USA.  But it already is happening.  A news story published in December onparagoulddailypress.com reports on the plans of the police chief of Paragould, Arkansas, to have police in SWAT gear, with AR-15 rifles, patrolling the city streets, asking citizens for identification and for an explanation of what the citizen is up to.  The police chief justified the action based on citizen concerns about increased crime, but admitted that he had not consulted with an attorney about the legality of his plans.
          Here are some other elements of the police state that have been in the news in 2012:
          Gun control: The current public clamor in the mainstream media and among liberal extremists is to impose new gun control laws.  If gun control laws are passed, the main effect of such laws will be to leave law-abiding citizens disarmed in the face of armed criminals and government agents.
Speech restrictions:  Some universities have imposed restrictions on “hate speech,” prohibiting students from speaking out against special interest groups, such as the homosexual lobby, or from using racist language.  Such restrictions certainly have the potential to become canonized in laws against the public at large and to be expanded to cover speech in opposition to the party in power.
Militarization of the police:  Federal funding has provided local police agencies with more and more firepower.  In such cases, SWAT officers become more like SEAL teams—serving search warrants and eviction notices in SWAT gear and carrying automatic rifles—than local policemen.
Drones in the sky: As part of the militarization of the police, some police agencies are obtaining drone aircraft which are used for observation purposes.
Data mining:  The National Security Agency is building a massive facility in western Utah, with a planned opening in 2013.  The purpose of the facility is to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store domestic and international data that is transmitted electronically.  How long before the government is reading and hearing all of our electronic communications?
          If we oppose these aspects of the police state and instead wish to live in a free society, we have to vote and lobby for liberty.  In Utah, 2013 will feature elections for mayors and city councils.  Let’s elect local public servants who will favor freedom and personal responsibility over police control.  On the state and national level, let’s give notice to our representatives that we are not willing to give up our liberty for more “security.”

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