The Dixie Republican

Official Newsletter of the Dixie Republican Forum
November 2012
Chairwoman’s Message
Lessons Learned From a Storm
By Mary Burkett, DRF Chairwoman
Super storm Sandy taught many lessons: 1. Prepare for the worst. 2. Get to know your neighbors. 3. Don’t depend on government to help you. 4. Keep a hard copy of important phone numbers near the door to grab in an emergency. 5. Keep cell phone charged. 6. When government warns about a storm, GET OUT OF ITS PATH! 7. Keep plenty of gas in the car. 8. Keep good walking shoes handy. 9. Take care of your relatives. Even the ones you don’t like. 10. Don’t get too attached to material things. 11. Carry good homeowner’s insurance and update it annually. 12. Be grateful.
In spite of all the bad news, there is good news coming out of New York and New Jersey. People are helping each other. Folks are coming from all over the country to get utilities operating again, debris cleared, and food distributed.
Each time Santa Clara has experienced floods, the community has responded, setting an example for the rest of the company. If we ever experience a catastrophe as large as super storm Sandy, let’s be sure to continue to set an example. One of our strengths, as Utahans, is how we pull together. Let’s never forget!
Hillsdale College Lectures on the US Constitution
The Dixie Republican Forum is hosting a series of online lectures by Hillsdale College professors on the history and meaning of the US Constitution. 
The lectures are every Wednesday at 7 pm, at 334 W. Tabernacle, Unit J, in St. George.  After a week off for Thanksgiving, the lectures will resume on November 28th.
Lecture schedule:
#8:     Post-1960s Progressivism, by John Grant
#9:     Case Study:  Religious Liberty in the Administrative State, by Thomas G. West
#10:   Restoring Constitutional Government, by Larry P. Arnn
Calendar of Events
20  DRF Luncheon, 11:30 am, Gregg McArthur, SG Chamber Ex. Dir.
8  DRF Christmas Dinner Party, 6 pm, at the Coral Canyon Clubhouse
January 2013
3  DRF Executive Committee meeting, 7 pm
15  DRF Luncheon with Utah GOP Chairman Thomas Wright
Commentary on the News
Marge Robinson, Membership Chair
A political note:   Mitt Romney won 24 States and Obama 26. Electoral College vote: Romney 206, Obama 332. By popular vote, Romney and Obama were almost tied. So should we keep the Electoral College?
The State of Michigan voted down the Union vote which contained the collective bargaining clause. Just like Wisconsin last June. Congrats to Michigan.
The St. George Airport will begin flights to Phoenix and Denver as well as Salt Lake and L.A. next year.
Elections 2012:  An Agenda of Individual Liberty?
Reprinted from “Liberty Watch” in The Independent, November 2012
By Larry Meyers, Newsletter Editor
          The Presidential election has dominated the news in 2012, featuring “attack ad” campaign commercials, hard-hitting debates, and endless discussion of the numerous polls.  Around the time this column is published either President Obama will be re-elected or America will have a new president-elect.  Whoever wins, the question I’d like to pose to the victor is:  what is the future of liberty in America?
          Given the growth of government and the ongoing wars (war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty, etc.), the skeptic might say that the future of liberty looks murky at this point.  But, in the spirit of optimism, let’s imagine what a rebirth of individual freedom in America might look like if our President (and our Congress, our state and local governments, and our courts) returned to the proper role of government.
          First, we would end the wars and operations in foreign countries.  Maintain a strong defense, sufficient to deter and prevent attacks on our land and people, but end the offensive interventions.  Bring our troops home.  Eliminate Homeland Security, the TSA, the Patriot Act, and the threat of indefinite detention of citizens.  These measures would save us billions and move us a step back from the militarization of the past decade.
          Second, we would get government (at all levels) out of the marketplace.  Let people engage in commerce freely and openly, without endless regulations and bureaucracies.  In the area of health care, we need a true free market, not a government takeover.  Repeal ObamaCare and phase out Medicare and Medicaid.  Let each person be responsible for his or her own health care.  Let doctors and insurance companies compete.  Only competition and freedom of choice will bring lower prices and better services.
Third, we must allow people to keep more of their hard-earned money.  Cut government and taxes at all levels, so that workers, business owners, and investors all have more money in their pockets, rather than having to send it to the IRS, the State Tax Commission, and the County Treasurer.  Phase out Social Security and let individuals be responsible for their own retirement.  Eliminate burdens on property owners and let people use their property as they choose.
Finally, how about a return to parental rights and respect for the family unit?  Let’s put parents back in control of their children’s education through locally-controlled charter schools, privatization, and home schooling.  On the state level, let’s prosecute real child abuse, but otherwise get the government (DCFS) out of our homes.
I don’t think America is ready right now for a Liberty Agenda like the one I have laid out above, but I think the younger generation is moving in that direction.  We’ve had 100 years of growing government at all levels and it has now gotten too big.  People are getting fed up and looking for an alternative to the Welfare/Warfare State.  The alternative is right there where it has always been—in the Constitution and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  It’s time to start pushing back in that direction.

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