Voter Machine in Las Vegas Auto-Checking Obama has just received confirmation that a voter in Las Vegas  tried voting for Governor Mitt Romney but the machine automatically checked “Obama” multiple times instead.

Our source said:

“Yesterday I went to an early voting site at Centennial Center in Las Vegas,  NV. I went with my 19 year old son who was a first-time voter. I went to an open  machine and inserted my card. When the selections came up, all of the candidate  pairings were listed and I touched the box for Romney/Ryan. The checkmark  appeared next to President Obama’s name. I touched the check mark removing it  and touched the box next to Romney’s name again. Again, the checkmark appeared  next to Obama. I motioned for an observer to come over and showed him. I touched  the mark next to Obama, removing it and again touched Romney’s name. The  checkmark appeared next to Obama. At this point, the gentleman next to me was  looking over my partition to see. I touched the checkmark, again removing it  from Obama’s name and selected Romney. The checkmark appeared next to Romney. I  double-checked the paper ballot to ensure that Romney was indeed selected and  cast my ballot. I didn’t make a fuss but have called our local election  department only to get recordings. I also wrote an email to the Clark County  Election Department about the incident. My son said that he had no issues  casting his ballot.”

I called the Las Vegas GOP office but haven’t gotten a response from anyone  about this yet.

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