Rush: Obama victory means end of the GOP | Times 247

Rush: Obama victory means end of the GOP

Radio host Rush Limbaugh says that if President Barack Obama is re-elected it will be “the end” of the Republican Party. Photo Credit:AP

[Chris] Matthews was saying … “If Obama wins, it’s the end of conservatism.” Nope. If Obama wins, let me tell you what it’s the end of: The Republican Party. There’s gonna be a third party that’s gonna be oriented toward conservatism. …

How long do we have? I know people who think 18 months — 18 months before a real United States economic collapse that the Fed cannot do anything about, that the ChiComs can’t do anything about. Two years, four years, whatever. The point is, that’s what’s on the other side of Obama winning, ’cause he’s not gonna change anything. …

We’re spending a trillion dollars we don’t have on welfare. It’s not that we’re taxing producers and redistributing the money. We’re borrowing it; we’re printing it. We don’t have it! Over a trillion dollars a year. There’s been $5.5 trillion added to the national debt in 3-1/2 years by this president. There just isn’t the money for this. At some point (and it’s sooner rather than later) there will be a collapse, and the Republican Party may end up being on the wrong side of it.

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