2016 The Movie:

I went to see the movie last night.  We got there a half hour before the movie started and the theather was already over 1/2 full, a sell-out.  This was the second showing and I was told the first showing was also a sell-out.  It felt more like a conservative/tea party rally with one lady advising people to check out the agenda21 website.   The movie was great!  Kind of a documentary but with a fast flow to it like a movie.  The movie makes a case for obama wanting get even with different countries, especially America, that he feels have taken advantage of other countries through colonization.   Dinesh D’Souza does a great job of making his case.  If you didn’t know much about Obama, this movie explains a lot.  If you did know, probably more than you want to,  it reminds you of things you may have forgotten with a lot of new information.  My only complaints are that I’m tired of everything obama and I wish it had a little more of what the future would look like with “four more years.”  Scarey!

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